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Some of the most well-known and characteristic events and happenings in Chiavari and Tigullio that are worth planning a trip to Liguria for and staying at Hotel Monte Rosa

Events and demonstrations in Chiavari and Tigullio

Chiavari and the surrounding area are known not only for their beautiful natural landscapes, beaches and wonderful paths through the greenery, but also for some of the most important events in eastern Liguria, so it is worth staying and planning a holiday at Hotel Monte Rosa.

Some of the recurring events in Chiavari and Tigullio recommended by Hotel Monte Rosa


Festival of the word

The Festival della Parola is an initiative promoted by the Chiavari Municipality and produced by the Le Muse Novae Association. It was created in 2014 from an idea by author and radio presenter Helena Molinari.
It is usually held the first week of June The Festival della Parola takes place over four days during which, as the name suggests, the concept of the word is analysed in a comprehensive manner through meetings, workshops, musical and theatrical performances, conferences, exhibitions and book presentations. The Festival offers events inspired by the most topical issues, anniversaries, and personalities, to tell the Word in an innovative and engaging way. Famous journalists, writers, musicians and actors have taken turns over the years, including: Francesco De Gregori, Ligabue, Roberto Vecchioni, Samuele Bersani, Enrico Ruggieri, Paola Gassman, Morgan, Vittorio Sgarbi, Cristiano De Andrè, Marco Travaglio, Peppe Servillo, Francesco Pannofino, Neri Marcorè, Simone Cristicchi, Paolo Mieli, Ezio Mauro, Fausto Bertinotti, Flavio Insinna, Giampiero Mughini, Saturnino, Ferruccio De Bortoli, Salvo Sottile, Massimo Bernardini, Vittorio Sgarbi and many others.



The Confeugo (or ʺConfuocoʺ) is one of the oldest and most heartfelt traditions in Liguria. It is a great feast that has been held every year for centuries, generally on the Saturday before Christmas, as a wish for prosperity and peace. Originating around 1300, the tradition was celebrated in Genoa, where the alliance of powers in the city was sanctioned. Abolished in 1499 during French rule, it was finally revived in 1923 by the association ʺA Compagnaʺ to protect Genoese traditions. Tradition has it that the Doge of the Most Serene Republic of Genoa meets the Abbot of the People (who represents the city's podestas) to present him with a laurel trunk adorned with ribbons and flowers, which is then set on fire to preserve the cuttings (as per tradition), which are considered thaumaturgical. It is a propitiatory fire for which everyone expects a straight, white smoke, a symbol of good luck for the city. Today it is the president of the association ʺA Compagnaʺ who impersonates the Abbot of the People and meets the current Doge, the Mayor of Genoa, in front of the Palazzo Ducale. Confeugo is a beloved tradition among the Genoese.


Dioniso Festival

The Dionisio Festival is the first theatrical review made in Chiavari organised by the culture department together with Davide Paganini, the event's artistic director and well-known Italian actor. The programme is divided over the summer months into six appointments, all free of charge, in which dramas and comedies with nationally renowned actors are performed.


Torta dei Fieschi

The Torta dei Fieschi is one of the oldest events on the Italian folkloristic scene, as well as one of the most beautiful and evocative. Every year since 1949, on 14 August in Lavagna, a lavish historical procession in medieval costume passes through the streets of the town and ends at the foot of the Fieschi Tower, a reconstruction of an ancient military construction. The Story According to legend, in 1230 Count Opizzo Fiesco returned victorious from his war exploits and decided to marry a Sienese beauty: Bianca dei Bianchi. The wedding, of interest but also of love, is celebrated with great pomp, so much so that a gigantic wedding cake is offered to the population. Even today, after the wedding rite, the Countess performs the 'cutting' of the cake: a thirteen-quintal cake made by the master pastry chefs of Lavagna. From the moment the cake is cut, the game begins: those who wish to participate must equip themselves with coloured cards (pink for her, blue for him) with a medieval word printed on them and search the streets of the city for a partner with the same word on the card in a different colour. . Once you have found your partner, you can go together to the centre of the square and taste a slice of cake together with the person you have found - an opportunity to have a chat and who knows… In the meantime, the celebrations in honour of the newlyweds continue with spectacular entertainment: courtly duels, flag games, dances, medieval music and much more.

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